Why Butterfly Gardens?

Florida is home to many butterflies and many of them can’t be found anywhere else on earth. There are over 200 species of Florida butterflies. 

You can look out your window and see beautiful native Florida flowers and butterflies. Help the environment with a native Florida butterfly garden.


About Mary

Mary went to high school in Brevard County and graduated college from UCF. She’s a lover of the environment and Florida’s beautiful eco system. She started Mary’s Plants with the vision of helping her community grow into a more eco-friendly example of how humanity can live amongst nature. 


Easy-To-Grow Plants In Up-Cycled Containers

All of Mary’s Plants are Easy-To-Grow and not only that, they are UP-cycled! All of Mary’s Plants are grown from cuttings, rooted, and carefully maintained. Mary only chooses plants that are hardy enough to survive even the least knowledgeable gardeners. Even her planters are Up-cycled and made with great drainage for happy healthy plants.


Easy To Grow & Maintain

No Fertilizers Or Pesticides Ever Needed

Good For The Environment